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Live to Love in Paris

“Love is such a wonderful way to interact with others. True and genuine love is about sharing and about giving. The act of giving does not reduce what you have, instead gives you more than what you can ever expect. I always feel that a person who is genuinely filled with the happiness and joy of living is one who has a loving and sharing mind. Genuine happiness is the reflection of an open heart, with the ability to accept everything, good or bad.”
His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa

Live to Love at Drukpa Paris

The Live to Love incentive will be an opportunity for every spiritual practionner to nourish their spiritual path and help others by carrying out by engaged bodhicitta activities with the positive attitude of love. Therefore, Drukpa Paris center organise Live to Love activities every third sundays.


Before he left to Bhutan, Drubpön Nawang brought together all the people in charge of Drukpa Paris to discuss about several subjects concerning the management of the center, but also to stress the importance of enabling everyone to devote himself  or herself to the implementation of activities “Live to Love”, as was strongly advised by His Holiness Gyalwang Drupka.

Drukpa Paris would like to get organized so that every third Sunday of the month, a larger panel of activities in line with the five action fields might be suggested, so that each can take part in it according to his own affinities.

For this purpose the Live to Love website has been launched so that anyone can share Live to Love experiences as a source of inspiration for everyone.

If you want to take part to the activities, offer any actions ideas, share your experience, please send your messages, articles and photos to : live2love@drukpa-paris.org


Live to Love : preparation et distributionof hot meals

l un et lautre

« L’Un est l’Autre » (“The One is the Other”) is a humanitarian association which priority is to provide a hot meal to the most deprived people within the periods during which the deficit of the meals served on Paris is the most important. Its action is articulated with 3 axes: gathering, preparing and distributing meals. Relying on a voluntary work filled with friendship and humanity, 20 to 25 persons take turns to make possible the distribution of more than 1 000 meals, every week since 5 years with a constantly renewed enthusiasm.
Within the actions « Live to Love », Jigme Rinchen Lhamo met Jean-Paul and Michel, cofounders of the association, and with joy and warmth they welcomed our wish to join them. This meeting was an occasion to expose our motivation and the aim of our approach, and in return, to listen to the genesis story of their action and to appreciate all the impact. On the base of a mutual respect and a shared trust, 3 days later, the first benevolent came into the dance and under the form of “micro testimonies” that we chose to lead you.

Sunday 9th November

Jigme Donkar (Sylvette) :
« It was a real pleasure to share a few hours with 5 volunteers of the Association "L'Un est l'Autre". This new experience proved to myself that one restricts oneself and also that to good motivated hearts nothing is impossible (i.e.go beyond one's apprehension).
Michel had aranged a pick up at 7.45 am at Porte de la Chapelle.  He came with Greg (australian) and Daniel (american). At 8.00 we arrived at the place - a rented caterer's kitchen at La Garenne-Colombe.  Isabella (italian) and Jacques (french) joined us there.  We started immediately, the aim being to make 550 meals ready for 11.00 ; menu : Chicken legs, green beans, cheese, yaourt (i.e. bake 550 chicken legs, rinse and fry 120 kg green beans, cut 550 portions of cheese). Unfortunately we missed the timing by half an hour.  Michel and Greg left to deliver the meals at Porte de la Villette while Isabella, Jacques and I stayed to wash up the dishes and clean the kitchen, in order to leave the place in perfect order. At 1.30 pm we all together shared a quick meal and then put the finishing touches to the cleaning.
Everything went smoothly with concerned and humble persons, aware that this is a drop in the ocean of human suffering but yet very precious.
Thanks to Michel and Jean-Paul for having started this association.  Thanks to Jigme Rinchen Lhamo for being the link Thanks to our Precious Master for His Precious Guidance and Support. May this action benefit all Beings. »

Jigme Pema Tchoe (Bernadette):
« Despite the voluntary work experience within the association “Les petits Frères des Pauvres”, going alone, as a pioneer to join the voluntaries group of “L’Un Est L’Autre” was a source of apprehension. The latter was quickly deleted by the warming welcome which was made to me. I have been introduced in this already running team with flexibility and kindness. The day went on with contentment and share. It was a good opportunity to meet people so different as far as their ages, kinds and culture are concerned. Everyone bears his history and gives it to the other for a short time.  »


Drukpa Drukpa
Drukpa Drukpa

Dimanche 16 novembre

Jigme Tingzin Angmo (Valérie) :
« On my way this morning, I was really scared. The thought of His Holiness helped me being at the meeting. Seeing these men and women marching past softly, there was some kind of clear in my mind. There were many people (520 persons came within almost two hours). There were people coming from many different countries, speaking different languages. Some of them were miserably dressed, others were properly dressed. Some were barefooted; others only wear some light pullover although it is really cold in Paris these days. The faces showed that they were happy to be there, as if they were coming back home. They were shining humanity in this place where they found some human warmth at the same time as a real meal served with quietness by the devoted voluntary workers. Each replied by a smile to our “good morning” and to the simplicity of the exchanged words. Discovering the misery world was shocking. These persons are human beings just like us, and like us they are cold and hungry. They are kidding and suffering just like us. What a shock! During some minutes I have been completely returned to be close to these sensitive beings. I was serving almost without noticing it as in a dream facing this mixture of poverty and of human depth. There is no difference between them and us. These men and women suddenly became strangely close. The exchanged words made it easy to be there, everything was simple. Their fear has disappeared. Let all the beings remain away from suffering! »

Jigme Karuna (Geneviève):
« Today we were three women from Drukpa-Paris helping serving the meals. We saw marching past people from all nationalities, ages: men, and women. Our mission was to give to each on their plates some little peas, chicken, cheese, a yoghourt, a fruit and a hot coffee. There was a great respect and much warmth emanating from all the voluntary workers (almost twenty persons). “Good morning Sir”, “Good morning Madam”: simple sentences accompanying a smile and a look brought back a dignity, a truth to the people beat up by harsh conditions of leaving. Although our hearts were heavy by so many afflictions, we were happy, communicating and natural. In fact isn’t it the very nature of what we are looking for? The one which is ready to open one’s heart to the other, to understand him and if possible to unburden him? »

To respect persons and to preserve a climate without umbrage, our photos are not much revealing of our action but we hope that the different testimonies will be enough eloquent to help you having a glimpse on it.
In agreement with the association «L’Un est l’Autre », to harmonize our steps and find a weekly rhythm, whether on the kitchen or at the meals services, to all those who wish to join this action, thank you for contacting Jigme Rinchen Lhamo to the following address: Live2love@drukpa-paris.org


Une braderie au profit de la Clinique Druk White Lotus (18 octobre 2008)

braderie live to love

Saturday, October 18th it was in the annual sale of old stock day in Paris 14th ward and it is there, in the early hours, that we gave us RDV to install our selling area there. Some boards and trestles were enough for creating a space which would be, for day, the theater of our sales.

We had only not enough time to organize this event but the enthusiasm the mere evocation of the project gave rise to, encouraged us to continue. As beginners in this field, everything in terms of organization was to discover. The world of such sellers is a universe in itself with its codes, its rules or its lack of rules, to penetrate into it, is a bit like entering ground of adventure.

From our part, we were rich in two things, our motivation, in gathering founds to support the Druk White Lotus private hospital, and our enthusiasm which accompanied and carried us all the time.

braderie live to love

From the announcement of the project already a beautiful chain of complicity and solidarity got organized which allowed, on one hand, to gather a large number of objects likely to interest the future buyers, and on the other hand, to time the presence of each one of us on the stand. Closely or by far, members of the Sangha or belonging to our family, friendly or professional circles it is about 25 persons who contributed and without whom the project would not have been able to succeed. According to the preparations, it is a whole network of willingness and generosity which showed itself. Each one was happy to contribute and in the end it is with a lot of enjoyment that we found us there, a whole day, assuming for the first time (for most of us) the role of seller, All this without obstacles, punctuated with roars of laughter. In spite of the season, the weather report also was good. After a rainy week, we were able to take advantage of a sky without a cloud letting the sun to warm us. But the autumn is also the season of the taxes and we very fast understood that if we wanted to leave the place lighter than when we arrived, we had to let most our objects be sold at the best prices.

braderie live to love

The potential buyers understood well that we were not professionals of the sale and our stand became very quickly the one where it was possible to make good bargains, so much that some of our articles were then resold on some other stands. In the end our receipt maybe did not reach the level we expected but what made the return of this event, is the general satisfaction it was able to get. The fact of relieving our cupboards of our personal objects was the base of a work on some of our attachments; work which went on when then we let them leave to knockdown prices. This sale was a magnificent pretext to work together and let us know each other better and created complicities which we hope will be a base for other projects. Libération de truites fario en milieu naturel (21 septembre 2008)


Releasing of fario trouts in a natural environment (21st September 2008)

This third Sunday of September, filled with best intentions, our wish was to release in their natural environment fish whose destiny at short-term was a sure death. Quickly we were confronted to a certain amount of enigma. Which fish in which environment? How to respect the ecosystem? And above all, where to find living fish in the capital area?

Libération de truitesAfter long researches it’s in La Villette (in the Yvelines) that we fully understood what fish farming means. A simple call, and the boss guided us. Fish farmer, engineer and biologist, he became our favourite adviser, able to answer all our questions. Very concerned about the fate of the fish he sells, he and his wife have been very open to our request. He is used to adapt to the different moods of his clients and thinks that this enriches him. We had first decided to release carps in the Seine but he explained to us that these animals, when bred, were very sensitive to the quality of the water and that their lifespan would then be very limited. After exchanging some points of view, his professional competence enabled him to understand our aim very clearly and he suggested to set free fario trouts.

We arrived at La Villette on Sunday in mid morning. We’ve been welcomed as heartedly as we had been several days ago on the phone. The first breeding ponds were dug in a green countryside, at the place of a three century old mill.

braderie live to loveStill under the charm of the scenery we saw an employee kill the trouts with a stick. When we asked why he did that, he answered it was for them to suffer less. This method is prefered to avoid a long ten minutes asphyxiation for the trouts. From his point of view it was pure benevolence and he did that with application.
Further, some families were gathering around what is commonly called “the pleasure of fishing”. The parents initiated their children to this practice and congratulated them each time they caught a fish. The scene reminded us of our child games when, to develop our dexterity, the rule consisted in catching with a hook plastic ducks surmounted by a ring that we exchanged afterwards for a present. Here the scene was different, with living fish out of water, bouncing on the grass until their last second. At that moment, we made the wish that all the children of the world may be initiated to other kinds of happiness.

Having finished to explore the place we joined the fish farmer who, very skillfully, educated us about fario trouts. In their natural state they have always filled the European rivers. Their dress is black, yellow or brown with red and black dots. They are strong and integrate well in our region. And moreover, they have the particularity to generally remain in the same waters. Unlike other species of bred trouts they are not sterile and can then reproduce when set free.

DrukpaSo as to respect the ecosystem he advised us to release only 5 kilos of trouts at a time. The weight of the trouts we had reserved being insufficient, still on the advise by our fish farmer, two salmons joined our male and female trouts. All the fish were placed in a plastic bag with the convenient quantity of water and oxygen necessary to their transportation which had not to exceed 45 minutes.

Before starting, the fish farmer gave us his last recommendations and, as he had spontaneously proposed on the phone, he indicated us a freely accessible river where fishing is forbidden so as to secure for our little protégées the best living conditions and thus fulfil all our wishes.

We very easily attained the river which was going to welcome newcomers. We carefully looked for the best place to release our friends the fish.The closer we got to the end, the more an indefinite joy rose in us. Nigu also manifested her happiness rolling in the grass and it is with a great attention that she accompanied the whole rescue. When we opened the bag, our friends were a little groggy. The pressure exerted by the oxygen had brought their dynamism to an end, and although we had been told about it, we were worrying.

We decided to wake them up releasing them in the current of the river. After some balancing exercises for us and hide-and-seek games for our friends we finally made it!


After this rescue we had the feeling that the links between the brothers and sisters who had gathered there and those who accompanied us by thought had strengthened. Also that other links had been created with our new friends.

We were late on our schedule when we got back to the Ivry Center where some people were waiting for us to share a simple bowl of rice against some small contribution in favour of the LiveToLove actions.
Greatly surprised, it was a very good meal that awaited us. We received it as a festive meal that one enjoys with friends at happy times.

This experience enriched us. To see these fish back in their original element filled us with a subtle happiness, strangely mingling mildness and strength. Our confidence strengthened and, happy to have accomplished our wish, we already reflect upon the next LiveToLove actions that we would like to share with you.

May His Holiness, who inspires us with love and compassion, live long and fulfill all his wishes.


Live to Love à Haumont (1 septembre 2008)

Collecte HaumontHis Holiness Dalai Lama had requested all the Dharma centers to dedicate the 30th August to a practise of fast and prayers for all the ones who suffer in Tibet.

On this occasion, the opening of the Drupka Paris center made it possible to organize, on this very day, a collection of  food for the stricken people of several areas in the district of Hautmont, whose houses were destroyed by a tornado. Taking advantage of a trip in that region, Rinchen Lhamo was, for the ones who generously participated in the collection, the messenger. Here’s her account :

« Près d'un mois après le passage de la tornade, les quartiers touchés par ce désastre ressemblent à une ville après la guerre, des toitures arrachées, des pans de murs écroulés, les meubles envolés et une population encore en état de choc.
La présence de l'armée pour aider au déblaiement ajoute à cette impression de ville assiégée.
Je n'ai pas eu le cœur à photographier ces lieux, décemment cela m'était impossible, une seule envie, être discrète, respecter la dignité de ces personnes.

Collecte HaumontIl m'a été difficile de trouver le lieu où déposer les dons alimentaires pourtant si près de ces quartiers en ruine, la confusion qui régnait à l'extérieur m'avait gagnée….. Quand enfin j'y suis parvenue, le chapiteau était fermé, un voisin m'a informé que la permanence n'est assurée que le matin et, en réponse à mon embarras, s'est proposé à garder, pour la nuit, le ravitaillement alimentaire chez lui et d'en assurer dès le lendemain leur acheminement. D'autres personnes sont venues nous aider à tout transporter, nous ne nous sommes presque pas parlés, mais avons échangé l'essentiel, des regards de fraternité que je vous rends en partage. »
Rinchen Lhamo.

Un beau texte d'Amanda Dechen sur Live to Love (16 août 2008)

Drukpa Dessin live to love

Une belle histoire entre amis du Dharma à Drukpa Paris (30 juin 2008)

Depuis environ 3 ans, suite à un déménagement dans un foyer logement pour retraités nous avions perdu de vue Annie Jeanson qui était une pratiquante régulière du centre Drukpa Paris. Personne n’avait ses nouvelles coordonnées et nous pensions régulièrement à elle, sachant qu’elle avait un handicap physique.
Il y a peu de temps elle nous écrivit pour nous demander le programme des pratiques. Ce fut l’occasion de reprendre contact et d’aller la voir. Nous avons discuté 2 bonnes heures, elle fut très heureuse d’avoir des nouvelles des uns et des autres. Elle m’a dit aussi qu’après ses pratiques du matin, elle s’ennuyait parce qu’elle ne pouvait pas marcher longtemps, que son ménage et ses courses étaient faits par une aide ménagère.


Je lui ai proposée de venir la chercher pour pratiquer avec nous au centre, mais sur le moment elle a refusé. Je lui ai demandé si elle avait des besoins particuliers sachant qu’elle avait une maigre retraite. Elle m’a répondu qu’elle aimait beaucoup lire et que la bibliothèque du foyer était très restreinte. Je lui ai proposée de revenir avec des livres ce qui lui fit plaisir. J’ai parlé de sa demande à la sangha de Paris et nous avons réuni une trentaine de livres pour certains neufs. Il y a quelques jours, nous avons repris contact et elle me dit qu’elle aimerait bien venir au centre si ma proposition de venir la chercher tient toujours. J’en fus ravie et nous avons convenu du dimanche 29 juin pour la pratique de Tchenrézi avec le Vénérable Drubpön Ngawang.

Ce jour là, Annie fut très heureuse de pratiquer et de se retrouver parmi nous. De plus son bonheur de feuilleter les livres faisait plaisir à voir. Elle nous remercia et dit qu’elle les lirait et les déposerait dans la petite bibliothèque du foyer pour que les autres personnes puissent en profiter aussi.
Après la pratique je l’ai raccompagnée et elle m’avoua que cette journée lui avait apporté beaucoup de bien être et surtout une victoire sur elle même car depuis son opération elle appréhendait de sortir. Nous convenons donc d’un rendez vous lors du prochain passage de Drupön Ngawang à Drukpa Paris.

Sauver des vies (14 juin 2008)











En ce 3ème dimanche du mois de juin, nous nous sommes retrouvés à 8 personnes au temple Drukpa Paris pour faire un don et partager ‘un bol de riz’ à la place d’un repas.


Une partie de l’offrande récoltée a permis à Jonathan d’acheter environ 300 vers de terre et 400 grillons et criquets, l’autre partie servira aux activités Live to love.

Puis, ressentant la bénédiction de Notre Précieux Maitre, tout en ayant conscience que chaque vie sauvé avec compassion peut avoir des conséquences positives pour tous les êtres, nous avons effectué la louange à Tchenrezi, la pratique de Tara, la dharani de Longue Vie d’Amitayus, ainsi que les souhaits en Dewatchen.


Nous sommes ensuite allés au bois de Vincennes et c’est le cœur rempli de joie et d’amour que nous avons enfouis les vers sous la terre. Puis nous avons libérés les criquets et les grillons qui timidement ont effectués leur premier envol dans la nature accompagnés de tous nos souhaits de longue vie et de meilleures renaissances.

Puis nous sommes restés un petit moment à écouter le chant des grillons qui nous avaient accompagnés pendant toute la pratique et c’est avec un cœur léger, rempli de joie et de gratitude pour notre Précieux Maitre que nous nous séparons. Puisse toutes les activités Live to Love être bénéfique à des nombres infinis d’êtres

Un concert Live to Love (8 juin 2008)


Pour soutenir les activités “Live to Love”, deux concerts de chant et piano ont été organisés par notre ami le Dr Hugues Gouzenes.
Un répertoire autour des chants d’amour a été choisi.
Les artistes : Blandine, Hugues, Yvan et Vincent ont généreusement offert leur talent, la location d’une salle, un buffet grandiose pour soutenir les actions “live to Love”. actions “live to Love”. Nous avons pu recueillir la somme de 1500 euros que nous avons donné à Drukpa Humanitaire afin de soutenir les projets humanitaires de Sa Sainteté Gyalwang Drukpa.

Soulager la souffrance (19 mai 2008)


Une journée destinée à ouvrir son cœur à autrui, à tenter de comprendre la souffrance de l’autre et à imaginer des moyens pour la soulager. La compassion en action. Nous nous sommes retrouvés ce 3e dimanche du mois au centre Drukpa Paris, Kim Hoa avait préparé un bol de riz à la place du déjeuner et nous avons ainsi offert le prix d’un repas aux activités « Live to Love ».

Jonathan, deux jours auparavant, s’était rendu dans un vivarium à Paris, pour acheter des insectes que notre Sangha aurait pu libérer. Ces animaux étaient promis à la nourriture des serpents (apparemment à Paris, beaucoup de gens élèvent des serpents !), ainsi qu’à la pêche. Jonathan a ainsi pu ramener quelques milliers de vers, des criquets et des grillons. Il les a soignés et nourris avec amour pendant deux jours. Puis, le dimanche, nous nous sommes retrouvés tous au temple Drukpa Paris et avons fait prières et mantras de Tara et Tchenrézi et offert notre bol de riz à tous les êtres sous les doux sons des grillons et des criquets.


Ensemble, nous sommes partis au bois de Vincennes et avons cherché un emplacement adéquat pour chaque catégorie d’insectes. Les vers au pied d’un arbre centenaire, et légèrement enfouis sous la terre, ont vite commencé à gesticuler, les criquets se sont réfugiés dans les branches, et les grillons lâchés da


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