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Drukpa Humanitarian

"Dear My Friends,
On this small planet, in the daily dreams of our life, beneficial deeds are always recommended, simply because we are all born to help each other.
By sharing our love with different expressions and through the practice of generosity, morality and understanding, we will then be fulfilling our purpose of being members of the human race.
Sincerely yours,

His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa


His Holiness founded the Drukpa Humanitarian Association, which goal is to help the poor populations in some Himalayan regions. This association concentrates its activities on three fields :

  • Teaching: opening schools, training teachers, etc.
  • Health: creating health centers and hospitals, prevention campaigns against tuberculosis and fight against drugs and alcoholism, etc.
  • Monastery community: creating nunneries, sponsorships, etc.

These projects are part of the Live to Love activities. Live to Love means to practice love and compassion beyond faith or belief through engaging in actively helping and connecting to those in need - both humans and animals - as well as caring for our environment. Compassion has to be cultivated and developed, but love is the action that needs to be carried out as a support to our daily practice.

The main projects of Drukpa Humanitarian France are :
- Water project at Mount Druk Amitabha
- The Druk White Lotus Clinic
- Medical missions
- Sponsorships


His Holiness about the Druk White Lotus clinic :
"For the sake of the sick beings,  in the name of Live to Love  for the spreading of the Dragon Lineage I shall now name this clinic  "Druk Pema Karpo Clinic" in Tibetan  and "Druk White Lotus Clinic" in English. This clinic is a part of Druk Amitabha Mountain, therefore the name and the activities must also be somehow join together."

For more informations on His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa's humanitarian projects : www.drukpa.net


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