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Drukpa Publication Pvt Ltd


His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa talks about DDPL :

"Drukpa Publications Pvt. Ltd. (DPPL), previously known as International Drukpa Publications (IDP), is my personal idea. My only motivation is to benefit beings, especially my students and the people who follow my teachings, so that some of them may be inspired and some kind of knowledge can be exchanged.

The idea of setting up an official publishing entity came about through some students and friends, who were very eager to have some books published of my teachings; they asked me many times whether or not I could arrange publication, but at the time I was not really interested in doing this. A few years later, I began to see several magazines and booklets being printed, based on my teachings; some were nice and some were not.

Since transcribing from a tape recorder is not a very big deal, perhaps they printed these booklets out of their compassion and kindness. Some of them were new students unfamiliar with my way of teaching; as you all know, I have a unique way of expressing through my inadequate vocabulary, since I have never studied English in my life. So some of the new comers were inspired and they printed booklets and magazines based on my teachings. However, because they didn't really know my language, they made many mistakes that distorted my messages in the teachings.

In the end, I decided that it is not a good idea to let people do what they want with my teachings as this might mislead others. Therefore, I established DPPL.

As you can see, we have published not only some of my teachings, but also the Tibetan calendars and lately, 'The Dragon' biannual periodical. I believe we are developing slowly and through these kinds of forms, I am quite sure that many people will benefit and will be happy."


The heritage book project



Since the founding of the Drukpa Lineage in 1206, with the sight of nine dragons rearing up into the sky, until today, Tsangpa Gyare and his successors, together with their enlightened disciples have established numerous monastic institutions and humanitarian projects. While several ancient heritages had disappeared due to natural decay and human-related degeneration, we are fortunate that most of them are still in existence. His Holiness said that by a rough count, within the Drukpa Lineage, there should be over 1,000 monasteries and humanitarian projects in the Himalayan region, half of which are outside of Tibet and the remainders can be found mainly in Bhutan, Ladakh, Lahaul, Kinnaur and a minority in some parts of Nepal.

Many of these monasteries and their branches as well as organizations are finding tremendous difficulties to exist in the midst of modernization and unfortunately, aggressive religious colonization. This eventually will result in a degeneration of a spiritual lineage that had been guiding many beings on the path to ultimate freedom since the year 1206.

His Holiness, in his message, says that, " I have been thinking for a long time to publish a book on all the monasteries and activities of the Drukpa Lineage in the Himalayas, especially photographs of many of our old monasteries that have so many old relics and precious wall paintings that could be lost over time..." and that, "Although this is not something about constructing monasteries and feeding nuns and monks or any other humanitarian activities, I feel this project falls under the "Heritage Preservation" in the Live to Love projects. So I am daringly appealing to everyone who wishes to keep our lineage alive to participate in this."

Heritage Project Total Cost Contact Organisation
Book with collection of photographs of Drukpa monasteries and precious items in Himalayas (outside of Tibet), for forthcoming Annual Drukpa Council

(This book may be 1000 pages or more and I would be so happy to be able to offer it free to each of our Rinpoches and Monasteries)
US$180,000 for 1,000 to 2,000 full-colour copies printed, including photography, transportation and all costs to prepare this book, to be ready by middle of December 2008 for ADC in Kathmandu Drukpa Publications Pvt. Ltd.
(Registered in India)
Email: info@drukpa.com
Gyalwa Gotsangpa's biography to be translated by Venerable Jinba US$18,990 or EURO12,660
for translation cost of 422 pages from Tibetan to English to support Venerable Jinba. Printing and publishing not included.
Druk Foundation Ltd, Hong Kong
(Registered in Hong Kong)
Email: info@drukpa-hk.org

For more information about DPPL : http://www.drukpa.com


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